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Education and Work Experience


  • My degrees: undergraduate is from Smith College (Northampton, MA) with a major in physics and a minor in theater; masters is from DePaul University (Chicago, IL) in physics; doctorate in science education with a focus on physics education from Boston University (Boston, MA).


  • I was a postdoc at Western Michigan University (Kalamazoo, MI) for 3 years, working with Charles Henderson. Similar to now, my work varied from day to day as I was doing quite a bit of evaluation work along with research during that time.


  • I've remained in Michigan after my postdoc. Now I work as a consultant/project manager/evaluator/researcher on a plethora of projects- every day is a little different! If you are interested in working with me or are curious about my services, please check out this page.​

Research Areas/Interests

  • My work delves into postsecondary education and includes students (undergraduate and graduate), postdocs, staff, and faculty.

  • Much of my work involves some if not all of the following: sustainability and adoption of projects/innovations; equity and inclusion; research practices; and social experiences within education.

  • The most updated and easiest way to check out my publications  Google Scholar.

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A Few Current Projects and Activities

  • Co-guest editor for Physical Review- Physics Education Research (Phys. Rev.- PR or PRPER) Focused Collection, Qualitative Methods in PER: A Critical Examination

  • Co-PI on a grant that is called the Data Science Education Community of Practice (DSECOP), funded by a grant through the American Physical Society (APS) Innovation Fund

  • Project manager for the Physics and Astronomy STEMM Equity Achievement (SEA) Change project. This is a partnership through multiple physics and astronomy professional societies, as well as AAAS. Physics and astronomy is the first to pilot for the disciplinary awards. We are in the pilot phase.

  • Also project manager for the Collective Action on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Programming in the American Institute of Physics (AIP) Federation. This is just getting started, but read a little more here.

  • Member-at-large on the APS Group on Physics Education Research (GPER), a member on the APS Committee on Membership, and a member of the American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT)'s Professional Society SEA Change self-assessment team.

A Few Past Projects and Activities

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