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I started working on education research as a doctoral student and have never stopped being a STEM education researcher. I primarily work in postsecondary education but am open to working in other types of education.

My current work in research varies. I've joined projects at different stages. Sometimes, researchers find they need support midway through or near the end of a project. Sometimes, I form collaborations at the very beginning of a project.

I've worked on research projects in the following ways:

  • Research design

  • Data collection and analysis with qualitative and/or quantitative methods; similar to my evaluation work, research questions are primarily what inform which methods are used.

  • Conducting literature reviews

  • Writing parts of manuscripts, including writing entire manuscripts

  • Revising and resubmitting manuscripts for publication​

Research interests and publications

The research areas I've worked in are the same ones in which I work in for evaluation, which include: undergraduate & graduate student experiences, postdoc experiences, faculty development, sustainability and propagation of innovations, course transformations, and equity, diversity, and inclusion. The research collaborations have varied from working with one other person to working with researchers spanning different career levels at different institutions.

For more specific research areas or to get a better sense of my research experiences, my Google Scholar profile has the most updated list of (mostly) peer-reviewed publications.

If you are interested in collaborating with me on research, please feel free to contact me.

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