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Other Services

Evaluation, research, and project management tend to be my primary work. That work tends to be longer-term, spanning months or even years. Occasionally, I do shorter term work that may last a single meeting or a few weeks to a month.

Some of that work includes:​

  • Developing theories of change or logic models

  • 1-2 meetings to consult or advise research projects

  • Consulting on recruitment materials

  • Speaking on panels or giving for various talks at events

I've also worked on longer-term projects that don't fit into evaluation, research, or project management. 

  • Organizing academic conferences

  • Designing, organizing, and facilitating workshops

  • Curating conference sessions

  • Chairing/facilitating webinars or conference sessions

Something else not listed??

The work in the Services section represents my current and past experiences. I like working in new areas where my skills and experiences can complement a project or a program. Some of the above work is the result of someone asking whether I might be interested. It never hurts to ask!

If you think my skills and experiences might be useful in another area that isn't listed, feel free to connect.

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