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I've worked on external evaluation and consulting in many capacities within postsecondary STEM education but primarily within physics for the past 6 years. In the table below are some of the areas with which I'm most familiar. However, I'm always open to other areas. One of my favorite parts of my work is that I can both use my current skills and prior experiences on new projects and in new areas.

If you are interested in working with me or are interested more information including specific projects I have worked or am working on, please feel free to reach out at avknaub at gmail.com or use my contact form

  • External Evaluation

    ​External evaluation is a means of collecting and providing data-driven feedback on projects to better understand what works, how to improve, and new avenues for projects. Some information to get sense of what I've worked on for external evaluation:​

    • Areas: undergraduate student experiences, faculty development, course transformation. Equity and inclusion, as well as sustainability (i.e., whether a project can continue after the grant ends), considerations are included in these areas.

    • Settings: classrooms, departments, conferences, and online.

    • Methods: Surveys, interviews, observations. The evaluation questions largely determine which method(s) I use.

    I do both summative (i.e., examining the project at its end) and formative (i.e., periodic feedback) throughout the project's timespan) evaluation.

  • Research

    Research projects sometimes can need extra help. I've joined projects at different stages to provide they need. Similar to my external evaluation work, I've supported a variety of research projects in the following ways:

    • Data collection and analysis with qualitative and/or quantitative methods, including instrument design

    • Conducting literature reviews

    • Writing parts of manuscripts

    • Revising and resubmitting manuscripts for publication

    Topics included graduate education in physics, as well as gender and physics. 

  • Project Management

    Project management supports the success of a project. When I work in a project management capacity, I not only ensure that tasks are completed but also work on other important aspects that support the project that may not explicitly be articulated such as:

    • Relationships within the team and other stakeholders are formed and maintained

    • Getting the word out about the project through a variety of means including conference presentations, organizing activities, and online presentation

    • Identifying new directions or collaborations


  • Other services

    External evaluation, research, and project management tends to be my primary work, but I have worked in other capacities including:​

    • Developing theories of change or logic models

    • Advising research projects

    • Supporting departmental change

    • Academic conference organizing

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